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About Our Clinic

Our goal is to provide hope and relief where there is none.
Our ketamine clinic

About Georgia Renew Clinic

For many people, Georgia Renew Clinic is the place our patients come when they felt like all other treatment options are exhausted. It has been the last stop for far too many, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Depression kills people. Pain leads people to depression. It’s a continuum that once you’re on, it can feel impossible to find effective help. All anyone wants is to feel better. That’s where Georgia Ketamine can help.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been depressed for a few months or decades, we find that ketamine-infused therapy begins to alleviate depressive symptoms and pain symptoms quickly. Our medical staff begins with a medical consultation and history to determine if you’re right for ketamine infusion therapy. If so, we’ll talk about the right protocol for you and set up your treatment.

Since 2015, we’ve been effectively treating patients suffering from depression and chronic pain. We’ve added acupuncture as a complimentary service that takes treatment for chronic pain and withdrawal symptoms to another level.

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Dr. Heidi Nicholson

MD, FACEP, Dipl Internal
Medicine, Dipl Oriental Medicine

Carrie Davis

Nurse Practitioner


Private and comfortable setting

Our Acupuncture Room

Soothing music, heated bed and excellent providers.

Georgia Ketamine Renew is the ONLY Clinic offering Acupuncture & Ketamine

Georgia Ketamine Renew is the ONLY Clinic offering Acupuncture & Ketamine Simultaneously. Our medical director, Dr. Nicholson, believes in a combination of Eastern & Western Medicine

We want to keep you Smiling

We know you have lots of choices, we are happy you choose us, we want to make you smile.

Meet Dr. Nicholson

Dr. Heidi Nicholson has 38 years medical experience. She graduated from Texas Tech University School of Medicine and specialties in Oriental Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. She founded Georgia Renew Clinic with the intention to bring greater healing and quality of life to the millions of individuals battling chronic pain, depression, and various mood disorders.

Dr. Nicholson has a heart of gold and her integrity and compassion has an impeccable reputation among patients.

When she isn’t caring for patients, Dr. Nicholson enjoys cooking, playing guitar, traveling and spending time with family and friends..


Private Rooms with Sanitized Blankets & Pillows, candles & music

Our doctors provide a comprehensive range of services with a
personal approach.


Call us to discuss if ketamine infusion therapy is right for you. If so, we'll book an appointment.


We'll begin with a full consultation and discuss your needs and various protocols. Click or call us today.


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