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Ketamine Treatment Offers An Alternative For Traditional Treatment For Depression

People that suffer from depression understand what it means to genuinely suffer. If you look at how depression is typically treated in the U.S., many people go to their family doctor and ask for a prescription for antidepressants. Still others go to a psychiatrist for medications. Either way, most people turn to meds when depressed.

The problem with this is that everyone’s chemistry is different. Where one type of antidepressant works well for one person, it may completely fail for another. Plus, it can take 2-6 weeks for many modern antidepressant medications to get to therapeutic doses. Meanwhile the person continues to feel depressed.

If the patient doesn’t begin to feel better in a month, the physician will often up the dosage, then it’s off for another month. If there is little to no improvement, there might be another change in dosage, and if that doesn’t help, the physician may decide to try another antidepressant medication and start all over again.

This is the typical treatment cycle for depression. 

It can be beyond frustrating and exhausting for the patient and their loved ones. Ketamine infusions offer another alternative. Many of our patients tell us they feel an alleviation of depressive symptoms after the very first treatment.

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Ketamine Treatment For Depression. Get Relief Now!


The first clinical study of ketamine used to treat depression was published more than 15 years ago. Since then, Ketamine infusion therapy has been shown impressive results in patients who suffer from treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders.

Our infusion therapy offers a cutting edge treatment for people who suffer with symptoms of persistent sadness and hopelessness. Ketamine has been shown to improve mood, outlook, and activities of daily living where traditional treatment approaches may have fallen short. Under patient specific treatment protocols, patients can often feel a marked positive response after the first treatment.

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A New Hope For Depression

Even though Ketamine was invented over 50 years ago now, it’s only been recently that the medical community has been more receptive to all the possibilities this drug can bring to not only treating depression, but chronic pain as well as other conditions. 

The data clearly shoes that Ketamine infusions are safe, effective and have almost no side effects. This makes it an attractive treatment alternative to the months or years of struggle that many people experience when dealing with routine antidepressant regiments. 

Call today and talk to one of our trained medical staff about this exciting opportunity for people suffering from severe depression as well as their loved ones. Finally, there is hope. 

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