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IV Therapy Restores Your Vitality

We help you combat dehydration and re-energize.

IV Therapy Helps You Feel Better Quicker

Most people associate IV therapy with being in the hospital where a doctor or nurse hooks you up to an IV and helps you stabilize rapidly. At Georgia Renew Clinic, we are now offering IV infusion therapy that can help you feel better quickly.


Why Consider IV Treatment?

Everyone knows that using an IV is the fastest way to administer fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and medication. Whatever is delivered is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream to help people become hydrated quicker. This process supports your immune system and prompts a faster recovery.

In just 30-45 minutes, an IV drip can help you feel better almost immediately. This is the exact reason you see IV therapy routinely used in emergency rooms and hospitals all over the world. The body typically absorbs an average of 25% of vitamins when taken orally with a healthy digestive system. Direct delivery of hydration, vitamins, and energy agents to the bloodstream, allows the body to absorb 100% of our IV Therapies.


We are now making this service available to you at our clinic. Call us at 678.769.7008 and let’s get started today.

Uses For IV Therapy


IV treatments are often referred to as IV Vitamin Therapy, IV Vitamin Treatment, Vitamin infusion, or a Myers Cocktail. The hydration bags can be used for a wide variety of health and medical uses, but some of the main reasons we are now offering this service include:

Vitamin infusion

Hydration Restoration


Whether you are a world-class athlete or a weekend warrior, there are times when you simply overdo it and become dehydrated. IV treatments can restore you quickly and help you maintain a consistent performance level.

People become dehydrated for many different reasons. Besides physical exertion, people can become dangerously dehydrated due to gastrointestinal illness, food poisoning, etc. Our IV fluids can replace those lost fluids leaving you feeling restored.

Immune Enhancement


These days, everyone is concerned about maintaining and protecting their immune system. You are wearing your mask in public for protection. Let our special concoction generate and “inside” mask to boost your natural infection-fighting power. In these challenging times, strong immunity is needed now more than ever.

Call us and let’s talk about how we can help you enhance your immune system today. 

IV vitamin therapy near me
IV Treatment near me

Peak Performance


Any high performing athlete can tell you about the dangers of dehydration. Marathon runners, cross-fit athletes, and other athletes often seek IV therapy to help improve their performance. Do you want to take 5 seconds off you last time and get a refreshing energy boost before your next Iron Man or 5K? Our juices can “juice” you right up!

Are you ready to reach the next level in your athletic performance? Call us and let’s talk about how we can help. 

Migraine Recovery


Are your usual medications just not quite kicking that headache out? When the pain is just lasting too long, often our combination of minerals and supplements can be the thing that finally brings relief. Call us to discuss how IV treatments might be what you need to assist in dealing with migraines.

Let us help you stop suffering. Call us today.  

IV treatments
Vitamin infusion treatments Atlanta

Hangover Recovery


Are you paying the price of a fun Friday or hard Saturday? Everyone knows that alcohol can leave you extremely dehydrated. Our special formula can help resolve that muzzy, aching feeling, clear your head and get you ready for the rest of the weekend. Call us and let’s talk about how hydration bags can help you feel better quickly.

We can help you shorten the life of a hangover. Call us and let’s get started. 

Affordable IV Treatment


At our clinic, IV therapy is fast, discreet, and simple. We provide a comfortable environment where you can watch TV, work on a laptop, or just relax while you begin to feel replenished. Call us today to see how our services can help you feel better today.

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