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Ketamine Infusion Therapy Offers Hope For Depression

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with depression knows that it is a completely debilitating diagnosis. Getting out of bed can feel like an Olympic event. For those who struggle with treatment resistant depression symptoms, it can feel like there is no hope. Ketamine infusion therapy offers exactly that- a chance to feel better again.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an anesthesia drug that was developed over more than 50 years ago. It has been used in animal clinics and hospitals for surgical procedures. A little more than 15 years ago, medical experts began to study ketamine as a drug to help alleviate the signs of depression. These studies showed significantly positive outcomes. Ketamine infusion therapy or ketamine treatment has helped patients begin to feel better- sometimes as soon as a few hours after the first treatment. Isn’t time you felt better. Consider ketamine treatment for depression.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 350 million people suffer from depression around the globe. Often these depression symptoms stem from situations that arise and the symptoms can lift over time. But, when depression persists, so does the suffering. Patients can go through months or even years of doctor visits, medication adjustments, side effects of the medications, further work and relationship consequences of depression. Basically, the path for people that suffer from depression can go from bad to horrible very quickly. Ketamine offers hope. The staff at the Georgia Ketamine Clinic understands what people go through. That’s why we feel it’s time for something different.

We’re committed to providing excellent care for treatment resistant depression through ketamine treatments. Using a small, completely safe dosage of ketamine, we set up an IV infusion that usually lasts around 40 minutes while the patient relaxes in a reclining chair in comfortable, private office environment. There’s a brief recovery period afterward and the patient goes home.

Some patients begin to feel better within a few hours after the first treatment. There are typically a series of treatments that provide real and often lasting results. Ketamine has helped patients with improved mood, outlook, and energy levels. Isn’t it time to start feeling better?

Is There A Potential For Addiction With Ketamine Treatment?

Like many other drugs, Ketamine has been abused and some people consider it a “party drug” creating worry about possible addiction. Studies and clinical trials have determined no potential for addiction or abuse during ketamine infusion therapy due to the low doses used, clinic setting of delivery, no access to the drug outside of the clinic setting along with intermittent treatments.

Why Ketamine Therapy To Treat Depression?

The answer can be summed up in one word: relief. To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman, people with depression don’t just cheer up. They need help, and many have tried a variety of medications and approaches with only minor or temporary improvements at best. Far too many people continue to suffer. Ketamine infusion therapy has shown impressive results. Here’s why Georgia Ketamine is worth trying:

  • Resistant Depression Symptoms may be lifted in as soon as 2 hours after the first treatment.
  • Treatment is safe and monitored with easy IV administration in a private setting
  • We supply a warm, inviting professional office for you to receive treatment.

Dr. Heidi Nicholson and her staff provide ketamine treatments at the office in Gainesville but patients are coming from all over Atlanta as well as Athens. Ketamine infusions are targeted to relieve treatment resistant depression when standard anti-depressant medications have not provided relief.

Am I A Good Candidate For Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

While ketamine infusion therapy is a safe, effective treatment for depression, not everyone that suffers from mood disorders is a candidate for Ketamine treatments. Our goal is the assist patients who feel at the end of their rope with depression. These are people who are under the care of a mental health professional and have tried other approaches to treating their depression. These individuals have what we call treatment resistant depression.

Ketamine infusions are not for those with mild depression, situational depression, or mood swings. Ketamine treatment has shown impressive results in treating recalcitrant clinical depression. Our goal is to provide immediate mood stabilization.

Relief From Depression Is Literally A Phone Call Away

Call Georgia Ketamine Clinic today and schedule your free phone consultation. Get relieve today from depression with Ketamine treatment.